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Find Out What Criminal Hackers Know About You!

100% Manual Free Dark Web Search For Your Information.

If you are looking for a dark web search of your business, click here

Our Cyber Security Experts will manually analyze and cross reference data across the dark web and information that’s available on you, and guide you on how to protect yourself going forward. This service is only for your own email, we will send you a link to verify your email.

  • This is the only dark web search that we will not just tell you “we found something,” but we will also send you the info we found. You cannot properly protect yourself if you do not know what information is out there.

  • Reports only cover things that matter. For example, passwords, your secret questions and answers, leaked photos or videos, credit card data etc.

  • No Credit Card required to submit your request 

  • Cyber criminals have come up with clever ways to use data found in compromised databases to engage in blackmail, extortion, and infect you with viruses, and keyloggers, we will show you what they do and how to protect yourself.

  • For a limited time we are offering this service at no cost to you unless we find data.

  • You will get an answer yes or no if your data is compromised 100% free. 

The only required field is the email address, however, if you provide more data we might be able to locate more information. After you submit the form, make sure to check your email (including spam folder) and click on the confirm link within it.

We never sell or share your email under any circumstances.

How we protect you? We do not store your report on our servers and delete all reports after a week. All sensitive data will be semi redacted, but clear enough for you to know what the data is.

If we find something you will get a customized report, what to do, and instructions and training, which will explain in detail how hackers use this information and social engineer their way into your life. This information is not the typical cybersecurity tips and tricks, but the real current threats and the best ways to protect yourself and your family.